baguette making

This class is intended to inspire those who attempt to make baguettes at home. Although the class will be in French as well as in English, those with no French should not shy away. You will go home with a baguette and some vocabulary.


Since my retirement from teaching French, along with my partner, LA Baguette has made and sold thousands of baguettes out of our home in Loch Alpine. In addition to a review of kitchen vocabulary, we will study the grammar point called the causative, aussi connu sous le nom de “faire faire” construction.


Je suis ne en Hollande, ou j'ai recu mon education en ergotherapie. En 1976 j'ai demenage en Tulsa OK; depuis 1984 j' habite en Ann Arbor. Il y a bien longtemps que j'ai travaille en France quelques mois a Aix les Bains et Nancy. La classe de Mijo me done beaucoup de plaisir!!


Born and raised near Paris, I am a French chef in Ann Arbor. I love sharing my heritage and the joys of a traditional French dinner experience. Looking forward to learning from other people's passion.


I fell in love with France 13 yrs ago while backpacking. I felt terrible when I couldn't speak the language so I made it a goal to study and one day be fluent. I studied a bit in Switzerland for a year but i just want to keep learning!!!!!


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Mijo Pappas
over 6 years ago

Dear Suzanne:
I am looking forward to attend the baguette class on Jan 27. I realized that most likely the bagette will be made with white flour.. is it possible to give us also a recepie of a multi grain baguette? That would be great. Thanks so much, see you in a few weeks, Els

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