Conversation ciblée / Targeted Conversation

This class is for friends who feel the need of improving their French.

Vous parlez, j'écoute et je vous aide à comprendre vos erreurs. Ensuite, vous vous entraînez.

This is a class where you speak and learn. If you make an error, I go to the root of the problem and then you practice some more....


J'aime guider mes amis et les aider à faire des progrès.


Bonnie joined the Peace Corps and went to Burkina Faso in West Africa, taking her music along for company. She is back earlier than planned and wants to continue her French studies and singing too.


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Caleb Wiseman
3 months ago

French is an interesting language. Learning a new language is an astonishing feeling. By keeping in mind the zone of friends, they have organized this class for friends. And you can visit for getting reviews from us. You can also learn french if you want. Things are elaborated in a very decent manner on this blog post.

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