"Les coquillettes"/ Film français/ Cinetopia

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The literal translation for "coquillettes" is "elbow macaroni". I love the word "coquillettes.

Writer-director-actress Sophie Letourneur has frequently been called France’s equivalent to Lena Dunham—an assessment borne out by her mordantly hilarious second film, which often blurs the distinction between fiction and real life. Letourneur stars as filmmaker Sophie, who, as the movie opens, is reminiscing in her Paris apartment with her BFFs Carole (Carole Le Page) and Camille (Camille Genaud) about their recent adventures at the Locarno Film Festival in Switzerland. (Most of Les coquillettes was shot, occasionally guerilla-style, at the actual festival in 2011.) Flashing back to each woman’s exploits, romantic and otherwise, at the Swiss event, Les Coquillettes offers a witty look not just at the circus-like atmosphere of film festivals but also at the utter solipsism of its principal trio. Letourneur, though, makes clear who the biggest target of her parody is, playing a thirty-something director who’s so self-absorbed that she must steer all conversations back to herself. -Barbara Twist


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