"Les plages d'Agnès" Oakland Community College Film Festival

Oakland Community College's Orchard Ridge Campus in Farmington Hills will screen a broad variety of recent French language films at the campus' Smith Theatre in March and April.

The films are part of the Tour Festival, a program of the French American Cultural Exchange (FACE), which brings works of contemporary French cinema to American colleges and university audiences.

The festival offers a range of genres, and showcases innovation in both style and storytelling.
A panel discussion led by OCC faculty follows each presentation.

“These six films were selected not only for their cinematic value, but for their social and cultural relevance,” said OCC faculty member Gheorghita Tres, who helped write the grant that supports the program.

The public is invited. Admission to each showing is $5 at the door.


Un festival de films français? Délicieux, oui? Agnès Varda est toujours intéressante.


Crystal Cannon is a high school French teacher from Detroit. She is married with one child. She loves reading, traveling, fine dining and good music.


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