Renoir and Surrealist Paris

Presented by U of M School of Art and Design Penny W Stamps Lecture Series.
A short film directed by Renoir in the late twenties, Sur un air de Charleston is a little masterpiece. In 2028 Paris, a mysterious African explorer lands on Terra Incognita where he meets a beautiful young Parisian dancer who introduces him to the Charleston. At once surrealist and burlesque, the film is a critique of France’s racial attitudes, but it is also about the reach of transatlantic cultural exchange. Musicians Olivier Thémines and Guillaume Hazebrouck invite you to discover this astonishing movie with a ciné-concert featuring their live music, followed by a discussion on race, art and colonial history with Columbia Professor Brent Hayes Edwards.
A U-M MLK week event, with support by the Understanding Race theme semester.
Renoir and Surrealist Paris in Black & White


Sorry for the late notice, but I was just made aware of this one hour ago. For those of you who can go it will be a very instructive evening, I am sure. As I understand it, two French jazz musicians will accompany the movie and/or have a concert later on.


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Cat Novak
over 6 years ago

Gosh, silly me, i wanted to post this after school last night and forgot. Merci Mijo, tu es un chef!

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