The Shadows/ Les Ombres Film français at the Jewish Film Festival

This is a documentary.

The Shadows, a family tale

Countries: France
Duration: 86 min
By French director Leïla Ferault-Levy
My uncle Edouard Rosenblatt, was born in 1944 in Poland in the barn where peasants hid his parents. To save him, his father put him on a window-sill. In 1944, while he was hiding in the forest, he was shot by the Germans and thrown into a pit. After the war, the mother_my grandmother_emigrated to France and negotiated hard her child’s return with the foster parents.She got married to my grandfather and claimed to her children that he was her son’s father.46 years later my uncle erected a cenotaph: an empty grave, without body, for his unknown father. On that day both his french and polish family were gathered, only my grandmother who didn’t want to return to Poland was missing.Through this stone, I question the shadows, the impact of the genocide on three generations:in both the french and polish families


So glad that France is producing so many excellent and heart wrenching testimonies.


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Louise Langdon
over 4 years ago

Malheureusement, je ne pourrai pas assister a ce film. It looks like a terrific documentary.

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